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Yuteks producing quarter century of experience with the type of business gabardine and alpaca clothing textiles, followed by new investment directed towards the production of home textiles.
Stating that they followed the development of the textile constantly Yuteks Textile Chairman Ugur Yuksel, the necessary machinery for weaving area, for exports and investments will continue this year, he said.
Reminding that produce gabardine and alpaca type of work wear fabric Yuksel Ugur, polyester, cotton gabardine, cotton gabardine, polyviscon, alpaca and about 30 kinds of production, together with other textiles, that 50% of those in France, Germany, Russia and indirectly to the Balkan countries exported, he said.
Demirtas Organized Industrial Zone in all facilities installed on the covered 1600 square meters, experienced and qualified staff with activities Ugur stating that little functional, this year they geiştir the addition, the machine park to present, so that they create more employment environment, exports also said that the weight.
Assortment of expressing consistently they expand Ugur, "Our sector, adapting to new developments require to follow the innovation. Therefore, we pay special attention to the added privilege of our products, we keep the customer satisfaction. Quality, we started to give importance too much and get quality certification in this direction work," he said .
7 said they received new dobby weaving machine Ugur Yuksel, said they turned to home textiles, "satin upholstery, drapery and we meet the demand from the domestic market in the drapery production.
50% of our production goes to indirect abroad. Our goal is to direct exports. Overseas market research continues. I believe I received the final results at the end of the summer. It is closely related to the industry fairs. We will take our place as participants in the exhibition in 2007, "he said.
Istanbul said they opened the store in Merter that Yuksel Ugur, "We aim to be over 400 square meters of indoor space for sales and marketing board closer to customers, our this branch. Following continuous technology and industry trade shows, we try to realize our investments in this direction," he said.

16 Mayıs 2006 Salı
Source: Eko Haber