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Industrialization of Commerce

- Textile industry; with well-established trade and industry as a member of a family history and Salim Ugur and Ali Ugur partnership,  industrialization journey began in 1955 with UĞUR TİCARET, and also by two brothers, Yüksel and Kıyasi Uğur, 1997 YUTEKS TEXTILE LTD. continued with the Demirtaş organized industrial zones.

- Using years of experience has given our achievements and the best way to contribute to the development of the textile industry honor,

- Our quality varieties that we produce as the main YUTEKS TEKSTİL SAN.TİC.LTD.ŞTİ. ; Gabardin, alpaka, blend mixture, tericotton, shirting, cotton fabrics, polyviscon fabrics, polyester fabrics and It can be listed as qualified fabrics,

- While exports 40% of its production today, every day from different parts of the world, the quality of new customers who share YUTEKS TEKSTİL SAN.TİC.LTD.ŞTİ, the world's major markets by taking account of cultural differences in design approaches, serves private customers as well as our own quality production.


Our principles

  •  Reliability,
  •  Skilled workforce and teamwork
  •  Service quality and continuity,
  •  Opening and development of advanced technologies
  •  plenty of variety
  •  Permanent customer satisfaction,
  •  Accountability

our vision

  • Turkey to boost its competitiveness at the international level,
  • have the power to set world standards in production,
  • Contemporary manufacturers and service organizations to become leaders in this regard,

our Mission

  • contribute to the development of the textile industry,
  • Development will help the continuity necessary to perform R & D activities,
  • production and employment and contribute to urban economies,
  • Always aiming to quality, increase efficiency in the textile sector, which ended the business to employees, the won value employees, sharing with customers and society, sağlılkl to be an organization instance that contribute to quality safe working environment.